A Father Came To Jesus – Hymn Lyric

Discover the powerful story of a father's desperate plea to Jesus for help. Learn about faith

A Father Came To Jesus – Hymn Lyric

A Father Came To Jesus: A hymn about a desperate father named Jairus who sought Jesus’s help to save his gravely ill daughter. Through Jairus’s unwavering faith, we learn about the power of belief, miracles, and the importance of turning to a higher power in times of need.


A Father Came To Jesus – Hymn Lyric

A father came to Jesus with only one request.
“My daughter needs your help now. They say that you are blest.
Come, Jesus, heal my daughter. She lies so close to death.
Come, lay your hands upon her while she has life and breath.”

Before they reached the daughter, a man came, bringing word:
“Why bother Jesus now, sir? Your daughter died, we’ve heard.”
The wails of weeping women grew loud as they drew near,
but Jesus told the father, “Believe and do not fear.”

When Jesus saw the mourners, he said, “Why do you weep?
She is not dead; believe me, the child is but asleep!”
The mourners laughed, but Jesus still took his friends inside.
The faithful parents followed to see what would betide.

They watched the girl with wonder as Jesus took her hand.
He said, “Dear child, get up now,” and gently helped her stand.
Then Jesus warned the father, “Tell no one that you meet;”
and asked the grateful mother to bring her food to eat.

Dear God, when we are tempted to doubt Love’s mighty power,
give us the faith of Jairus in every day and hour,
that, trusting in your promise of everlasting care,
we all may lay before you our deepest needs in prayer.


Meaning of A Father Came To Jesus

In the hymn “A Father Came To Jesus,” we learn about a man named Jairus who approached Jesus with a desperate plea for help. Jairus’s daughter was gravely ill, and he believed that Jesus had the power to heal her. This hymn teaches us valuable lessons about faith, miracles, and the power of belief.

Jairus, like any loving father, was deeply concerned for his daughter’s well-being. He must have heard of Jesus’s miraculous healings and believed that this man, who was said to be blessed, could save his child’s life. With hope in his heart, Jairus came to Jesus and asked for his help. This reminds us that when we face challenges or difficulties, it is important to turn to a higher power for guidance and support.

As Jairus and Jesus were on their way to see the young girl, a messenger arrived with devastating news. Jairus’s daughter had passed away, and there seemed to be no hope left. This turn of events could have crushed Jairus’s faith and left him in despair. However, Jesus encouraged him, saying, “Believe and do not fear.” These words remind us that even in the face of impossible circumstances, we must hold onto our beliefs and trust in a higher plan.

When Jesus arrived at the home, he encountered a crowd of mourners who were weeping and grieving. Jesus asked them, “Why do you weep?” He then proceeded to tell them that the girl was not dead but merely asleep. This statement was met with laughter and mockery, as the mourners did not believe that a dead person could be brought back to life. Yet, Jesus remained steadfast in his conviction and continued his mission.

In a powerful display of his divine power, Jesus went into the room where the young girl lay. He took her hand and commanded her to get up. To the astonishment of everyone present, the girl rose, alive and well. This miraculous event showcases Jesus’s ability to overcome death and brings hope to all who witness it. It reminds us that there is always hope, even in the most dire circumstances.

After performing this incredible miracle, Jesus instructed Jairus and his wife not to reveal what had happened. This act of secrecy may seem puzzling to some, but it serves as a lesson in humility and gratitude. Jesus did not seek fame or recognition for his miracles; instead, he wanted the focus to remain on faith and the power of God. This teaches us the importance of remaining humble and grateful for the blessings in our lives, rather than seeking attention or praise.

The hymn concludes with a prayer, calling upon God to grant us the faith of Jairus in our everyday lives. It asks for the ability to trust in God’s promise of everlasting care and to bring our deepest needs to God in prayer. This prayer reminds us that faith is not just a fleeting feeling but a constant and unwavering trust in God’s love and power. It encourages us to lean on God during times of doubt and to believe in the miracles that can occur when we put our faith in action.

In conclusion, “A Father Came To Jesus” is a hymn that beautifully tells the story of Jairus and his unwavering faith. Through this hymn, we learn the importance of turning to a higher power in times of need, the power of belief and faith, and the miracles that can occur when we trust in God’s love. May we all strive to have the same faith as Jairus, trusting in God’s promises and laying our deepest needs before Him in prayer.


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