That Great Example Jesus Set – Hymn Lyric

Following the Example Set by Jesus: A Guide to Living a Christlike Life | Embrace humility

That Great Example Jesus Set – Hymn Lyric

Following the Example Set by Jesus: A Guide to Living a Christlike Life Living a Christlike life means imitating the great example Jesus set for us. This hymn emphasizes the importance of humility, meekness, forgiveness, and sacrificial love. By embracing these virtues and seeking restoration through Jesus’ sacrifice, we can transform our lives and become bearers of light and hope.


That Great Example Jesus Set – Hymn Lyric

That great example Jesus set,
As the Apostle saith;
Must ev’ry Christian imitate,
To prove his living faith.

The Christian man is call’d there to,
In Jesus steps to tread;
To suffer with his Lord below,
As members with the head.

Like Jesus, humble, meek and mild,
Let all his follow’rs be;
To all their fates be reconcil’d,
And bear with injury.

He was expos’d to scorn and pain,
Revil’d and mock’d and beat;
Yet he reviled not again,
Nor yet aveng’d the treat.

His life with willingness did yield,
And died, our lives to save;
And by his wounds, our wounds are heal’d,
And ransom’d from the grave.

Like Sheep that wander from the fold,
We left the ways of God;
But the great Bishop of the soul,
Redeem’d us by his blood.

O Christians then, let us partake,
And suffer with our Lord;
And bear the Cross for Jesus sake,
And wait the Great reward.


Meaning of That Great Example Jesus Set

Following the Example Set by Jesus: A Guide to Living a Christlike Life


Living a Christlike life is a central tenet of Christianity. As followers of Jesus, it is our duty to imitate his teachings, actions, and character. In this hymn, the Apostle emphasizes the importance of Christians stepping into the footsteps of Jesus, embracing humility, meekness, forgiveness, and the willingness to suffer. This article delves into the significance of imitating Jesus as well as provides practical examples on how we can apply these virtues in our everyday lives.

I. Embracing Humility and Meekness

Jesus exemplified humility throughout his life. Despite being the Son of God, he humbly served others and did not seek recognition or power. As Christians, we are called to follow his example by embracing humility and meekness in our interactions with others.

One way to practice humility is by putting the needs of others before our own. Jesus taught us to serve one another selflessly, just as he washed the feet of his disciples. By showing kindness and compassion to those around us, we not only emulate Jesus but also build stronger connections within our communities.

Furthermore, meekness is closely related to humility. It means having a gentle and patient spirit, not easily angered or seeking revenge. When faced with insults, Jesus did not respond in kind. Instead, he offered forgiveness and compassion. By following his example, we can diffuse conflicts and promote understanding in our relationships.

II. Bearing Injuries and Showing Forgiveness

In the hymn, the Apostle highlights the importance of bearing injuries and forgiving others, just as Jesus did. Jesus experienced ridicule, mockery, and physical suffering, yet he did not retaliate or seek revenge. Instead, he forgave those who wronged him and carried the weight of our sins on the cross.

To imitate Jesus in this aspect, we must learn to relinquish grudges and let go of resentment. Holding onto anger only burdens our hearts and makes it harder to extend forgiveness. Instead, we should seek reconciliation and strive to understand the reasons behind others’ actions. By doing so, we can break the cycle of hurt and foster healing in our relationships.

III. Sacrificial Love and Redemption

Jesus’ ultimate act of love was sacrificing himself on the cross to redeem humanity from sin and death. He willingly laid down his life to save ours. As Christians, we are called to love sacrificially, just as Jesus did. This means putting others’ needs before our own, even when it is difficult or inconvenient.

Practicing sacrificial love entails making choices that reflect our commitment to God and the well-being of others. It could mean giving up our time to help those in need, supporting charitable causes, or showing compassion towards the marginalized. By prioritizing sacrificial love, we can make a tangible impact on the lives of those around us and bring about positive change in our communities.

IV. Restoration Through Jesus’ Sacrifice

The hymn draws attention to the idea that humanity, like wayward sheep, had strayed from the ways of God. However, through Jesus’ sacrifice, we are redeemed and brought back into God’s loving fold. This restoration is not only spiritual but also encompasses healing and reconciliation.

In our own lives, we can experience restoration through Jesus’ sacrifice by seeking forgiveness for our shortcomings and turning away from sinful behaviors. Through repentance and a desire for change, we can draw closer to God and experience personal growth. Furthermore, we are called to extend the same forgiveness and restoration to others, just as Jesus did for us.


As Christians, we are invited to follow the example set by Jesus. Through humility, meekness, forgiveness, sacrificial love, and restoration, we can embody Christ’s teachings and transform our lives. By living in accordance with these virtues, we become bearers of light and hope, spreading God’s love to everyone we encounter. Let us embrace the challenge of imitating Jesus and await the great reward that awaits us in heaven.


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