The Lord Bless O My Soul And All – Hymn Lyric

Reflect on God's abundant blessings in "The Lord Bless

The Lord Bless O My Soul And All – Hymn Lyric

Discover the countless ways in which the Lord blesses us – from His forgiveness and comfort to His unwavering justice and love. This hymn reminds us to give thanks for His provisions and to acknowledge His boundless grace. Let us embrace His blessings and find solace in His presence.


The Lord Bless O My Soul And All – Hymn Lyric

The Lord bless, O my soul, and all
In me, his holy name.
The Lord bless, O my soul, and all
His bounties mind the same:
For he it is that doth forgive
All thine iniquities.
And he it is that doth relieve
All thine infirmities.

Who ransoms from destruction
Thy life, and crowneth thee
With his most dear compassion
And kind benignity,
Who with good things abundantly
Doth satisfy thy mouth,
So that like as the eagles be,
Renewed is thy youth.

The Lord doth judgment, justice top,
For all oppressed ones.
His ways to Moses he did show,
His act’s to Isr’el’s sons.

The Lord is merciful also
He’s very gracious:
And unto anger he is slow,
In mercy plenteous.
Contention he will not maintain
To perpetuity:
And he his wrath will not retain
Unto eternity.

According to our sins likewise,
To us he hath not done;
Nor hath he our iniquities
Rewarded us upon.
Because ev’n as the heavens are
Above the earth in height;
So toward them that do him fear,
His love is vastly great.

Like as the east and west they are
Far in their distances:
He hath removed away so far
From us, our trespasses.
A father’s pity like unto
Which he his sons doth bear:
Like pity doth Jehovah show
To them that do him fear.

For he doth know this frame of ours,
He minds that dust we be.
Man’s days are like the grass, like flowers
In field so flourisheth he.
For over it the wind doth pass
And it away doth go;
Also the place wherein it was
No longer it shall know.

Who fear the Lord, his mercy is
On them from aye to aye;
So likewise doth his righteousness
On children’s children stay.
To such as keep his covenant sure,
Who do in mind up lay:
The charge of his commandment pure,’
That it obey they may.

The Lord hath in the heavens high
Established his throne:
And over all his royalty
Doth bear dominion.
O ye his angels that excel
In strength, bless ye the Lord,
That do his word, that hearken well
Unto the voice of his word.

All ye the armies of the Lord
O bless Jehovah still:
His ministers that do accord
His pleasure to fulfill.
Yea, all his works in places all
Of his dominion,
Bless ye Jehovah: O my soul,
Jehovah bless alone.


Meaning of The Lord Bless O My Soul And All

The Lord Bless, O My Soul, and All: A Reflection on God’s Abundant Blessings

Oh, how marvelous it is to count our blessings and give thanks to the Lord! Have you ever taken a moment to truly think about all the ways in which the Lord blesses us? In this beautiful hymn, we are reminded of God’s limitless grace, His forgiveness, and His abundant love for His children.

The Lord blesses us in so many different ways. Just think about it – from the moment we wake up in the morning until we close our eyes at night, His blessings are all around us. He watches over us, protects us, and guides us through each day of our lives. When we accept Him into our hearts and follow His ways, we experience His incredible love and receive His blessings in ways we never thought possible.

Let us start by acknowledging the Lord’s forgiveness. We all make mistakes, and our sins can weigh heavily on our hearts. But the Lord, in His mercy and compassion, forgives us and wipes away our sins. We need not carry the burden of guilt, for His forgiveness sets our souls free. He gives us a fresh start, a chance to learn and grow from our past mistakes.

In addition to forgiveness, the Lord also relieves our infirmities. When we are weak or burdened, He offers us comfort and strength. He wraps His loving arms around us, lifting us up when we feel low and helping us overcome our challenges. Just as a father cares for his children, our Heavenly Father cares for us and provides for our needs.

Imagine soaring through the sky like an eagle, renewed and filled with youthful energy! This hymn reminds us that the Lord satisfies our mouths with good things, just as eagles are constantly renewed. He nourishes and refreshes us, giving us the strength we need to face each day. When we trust in the Lord and follow His ways, He provides for us abundantly.

Now, let us talk about the Lord’s justice and righteousness. The hymn highlights how the Lord showed His ways to Moses and demonstrated His acts to the Israelites. God’s justice is unwavering, and He fights for those who are oppressed. He is fair and just, always seeking to protect and uplift those who are in need.

The Lord’s mercy and graciousness know no bounds. He does not keep a record of our wrongs or hold onto anger indefinitely. His compassion is vast, and He is always ready to forgive when we come to Him with a repentant heart. He extends His mercy and grace to us, pouring out blessings upon blessings.

Do you ever wonder why the Lord is so good to us? It’s because He loves us unconditionally. His love reaches higher than the heavens, surpassing all understanding. The hymn compares the vastness of the heavens to God’s love for those who fear Him. It is an immense, immeasurable love that can never be contained or limited.

Imagine the east and west, so far apart from each other. The hymn describes how the Lord removes our trespasses, casting them away from us as far as the east is from the west. He doesn’t hold onto our past mistakes, but rather, He forgives and forgets. This is the boundless love of our Heavenly Father.

Just as a father has pity and compassion for his children, the Lord has the same love for those who fear Him. He understands our weaknesses and remembers that we are made of dust. He knows our limitations and meets us where we are, providing comfort and understanding. We can approach Him with confidence, knowing that He cares for us deeply.

In the grand scheme of things, our lives are fleeting. Like grass or flowers in a field, our time on earth is temporary. The wind blows, and we are gone. But the Lord, He remains steadfast. His love endures forever, and His righteousness extends from generation to generation. His covenant is unbreakable, and His commandments are meant for our good.

The Creator of the heavens has established His throne in the highest place. He rules over all the earth, and His dominion knows no bounds. Just imagine the angels in heaven, filled with strength and power, declaring His praises and obeying His commands. The Lord’s ministers fulfill His desires, working diligently to carry out His plans.

So, let us join in this hymn and bless the Lord, O my soul! Let us give thanks for all His blessings, His grace, forgiveness, and love. Let our hearts be filled with gratitude as we recognize the Lord’s abundant provision in our lives. From forgiveness to strength, from justice to mercy, the Lord blesses us in countless ways.

May this hymn remind us to constantly give thanks for His blessings, and may His love and kindness continue to shine upon us. The Lord bless, O my soul, and all His bounties mind the same. Amen.


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