There Is A Mothers Voice Of Love – Hymn Lyric

Experience the Power of a Mother's Voice of Love and the Divine Whisper within. Find solace

There Is A Mothers Voice Of Love – Hymn Lyric

In the midst of daily chaos, it’s crucial to acknowledge the powerful voices that guide and shape us. While a mother’s voice provides unconditional love and comfort, the still, small, holy voice of God speaks directly to our hearts, offering guidance and reassurance. By listening to this divine whisper within, we can tap into wisdom, find solace, and experience the profound love that resides within us all.


There Is A Mothers Voice Of Love – Hymn Lyric

There is a mother’s voice of love,
To hush her little child;
There is a father’s voice of praise,
So earnest and so mild.

But there is yet another voice,
That speaks in gentlest tone–
I think that we can hear it best
When we are quite alone.

It is a still, small, holy voice,
The voice of God most high,
That whispers always in our heart,
And says that He is by.

The voice will blame us when we’re wrong,
And praise us when we’re right;
We hear it in the light of day,
And in the quiet night.

And even they whose ears are deaf
To every other sound–
When they have listened in their hearts
The still small voice have found.

And they have felt that God is good,
And thanked Him for the voice
That told them what was right and true,
And made their hearts rejoice.



Meaning of There Is A Mothers Voice Of Love

There Is A Mother’s Voice Of Love: Embracing the Divine Whisper Within

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to overlook those subtle, yet powerful, voices that guide and shape us. We often get caught up in the clamor of the world around us, drowning out the gentler tones that seek to nurture and uplift our souls. But amidst the chaos, there is one voice that remains steadfast, unwavering, and filled with an unconditional love – the voice of a mother.

Mothers have a unique gift of love and tenderness that transcends all boundaries. When a mother gently hushes her little child, her voice reassures and comforts, reminding them that they are safe and cherished. It is a voice that carries with it the warmth of a thousand suns, enveloping their child in a blanket of love.

Similarly, a father’s voice of praise brings forth feelings of joy and encouragement. It is a voice that commends and uplifts, acknowledging the child’s accomplishments and instilling a sense of pride. Yet, amidst these beautiful parental voices, there is another voice that accompanies and surpasses them all – the still, small, holy voice of God.

This voice whispers to us in the quietest moments of solitude, when we are alone with our thoughts and feelings. It is a voice that speaks directly to our hearts, assuring us that God is always near, providing guidance and comfort. This divine whisper is constant, never ceasing even when the world around us grows overwhelming.

This gentle voice of God speaks not only in times of clarity but also in moments of reflection. It is in the light of day, as the sun shines brightly, that we can hear its gentle prompting, urging us towards goodness and righteousness. Likewise, in the quiet of night, when the stars twinkle above, we can listen intently to this voice, guiding us on the path of truth.

Yet, even if our physical ears are deaf to every sound, there is still hope. For this still, small voice doesn’t rely on our ability to hear with our ears, but rather, it resonates deep within our souls. It calls out to us, even in the midst of our deafening circumstances.

Within the depths of our being, we can find this voice and feel its presence. It is a voice that knows no barriers, no limitations. It speaks to the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak. This voice is the common thread that unites humanity, for it speaks directly to the essence of who we are – children of God.

When we listen closely to this holy voice, we begin to experience the goodness and love of God. We recognize the difference between right and wrong, and we are held accountable for our actions. This voice not only points out our shortcomings but also praises us when we demonstrate kindness, compassion, and integrity.

In the still small voice, we find solace, guidance, and affirmation. It is a voice that reminds us of our inherent worthiness, filling our hearts with joy and gratitude. As we listen, we realize that this voice is not just an abstract concept but a tangible force that shapes our lives for the better.

When we heed the divine whisper within, we tap into a wellspring of wisdom and clarity. We find the strength to navigate life’s challenges and the courage to face adversity. We discover that we are never alone, for this voice is a constant companion, guiding us through both calm and stormy seas.

So, let us pause amidst the noise and chaos of the world, and open our hearts to the mother’s voice of love and the divine whisper within. Let us cultivate the habit of silence and stillness, where we can listen intently to the quiet beckoning of our souls. In doing so, we will find ourselves transformed, filled with love, compassion, and an unwavering faith in the goodness that resides within each of us.



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