We Have Heard The Joyful News – Hymn Lyric

Spread the Good News of the Gospel: Hope

We Have Heard The Joyful News – Hymn Lyric

“We Have Heard The Joyful News: Spreading Hope and Grace to the World” captures the essence of the provided content by emphasizing the importance of sharing the Gospel, which is described as incredible news that brings hope, forgiveness, and a new beginning. The summary highlights the responsibility and urgency to spread this joyful news to people of all backgrounds, reflecting the love, forgiveness, and hope we have received. It concludes by calling readers to be messengers, carrying the torch of hope and grace to the ends of the earth.


We Have Heard The Joyful News – Hymn Lyric

We have heard the joyful news,
Now let others hear it;
Bear the tidings to the Jews,
To the nations bear it.

They who know the joyful sound,
Never should conceal it;
But to all the world around,
Far and wide reveal it.

Joyful news the Gospel is,
And to thought confounding;
Wonder, O ye heav’ns, at this:
Sing of grace abounding;

Grace like this was never known,
God our nature wearing;
Making human guilt His own,
And our sorrows bearing.

Spread abroad the joyful sound,
Fly in all directions;
Speak to men the world around,
Men of all complexions;

All are sinners, needing grace,
God’s own Word has said it;
Go with speed to every place,
And unwearied spread it.

And may He whose grace it is,
Give the Word a blessing;
Make the conquered nations His,
Every ill redressing.

May He take the veil away,
All the earth o’erspreading;
And His mighty power display,
All our hopes exceeding.


Meaning of We Have Heard The Joyful News

We Have Heard The Joyful News: Spreading Hope and Grace to the World

Have you ever received news so exciting and uplifting that you couldn’t help but share it with everyone around you? Well, that’s exactly the feeling the writer of this hymn is describing. They have heard some incredible news that they believe should be told far and wide. And what is this joyful news they are talking about? It’s the Gospel!

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is the Gospel? The Gospel is the good news of God’s amazing grace and love for all people. It’s the story of how God, in His infinite mercy, sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to save humanity from sin and bring eternal life to all who believe. It’s a story that brings hope, forgiveness, and a new beginning to anyone who accepts it.

Imagine being one of the earliest followers of Jesus, someone who witnessed His miracles and heard His teachings firsthand. These followers were so inspired by what they experienced that they couldn’t keep it to themselves. They knew that this message of love and redemption was too precious not to share with others. And so, they embarked on a mission to spread the Gospel to every corner of the world.

The hymn encourages us to do the same. It reminds us that we should not hide this joyful news, but instead, share it with everyone we meet. It encourages us to go beyond our own comfort zones and spread the message to people of all backgrounds and cultures. Whether they are Jews or non-Jews, believers or non-believers, this hymn reminds us that everyone needs to hear the Gospel.

The writer reminds us that the Gospel is such incredible news that it is confounding to human thought. It’s something that causes wonder and amazement in the heavens above. Just imagine, the Creator of the universe, God Himself, taking on human nature and bearing our sins and sorrows. It’s truly a testament to the depth of God’s love for us.

But spreading this joyful news comes with a responsibility. We should not take this task lightly. We should go out into the world with a sense of urgency, speaking to people of all complexions and backgrounds. No one is exempt from the need for grace and forgiveness. As the writer eloquently states, “All are sinners, needing grace, God’s own Word has said it.”

It’s important to note that spreading the Gospel is not just about delivering a message; it’s about embodying its truth through our actions. Our lives should reflect the love, forgiveness, and hope that we have received. When we live out the Gospel in our everyday lives, people will not only hear the message but also see its transformative power.

The hymn also encourages us to pray that God’s grace would touch the hearts of all who hear the message. We long for the day when every nation and every people group will surrender to God’s redeeming love. We pray for healing, justice, and reconciliation in a broken world. We believe that God’s mighty power is greater than any challenge, and that He will exceed our wildest hopes and dreams.

So, my dear friends, let us take up the charge of this hymn. Let us be messengers of the joyful news, carrying the torch of hope and grace to the ends of the earth. Let our words and actions shine brightly, illuminating the way for those who are lost and seeking. Let us have faith that as we share the Gospel, lives will be transformed, and hearts will be set free.

In conclusion, “We Have Heard The Joyful News” is not just a hymn; it’s a call to action. It reminds us that the Gospel is too precious to keep to ourselves. It urges us to go forth with joy and passion, spreading the good news of God’s love, forgiveness, and redemption. As we embrace this mission, let us remember that the power of the Gospel lies not only in our words but also in how we live out its truth. May we, with unwavering commitment and unwearied resolve, be ambassadors of hope, lighting up the world with the transformative power of God’s grace.


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