We Would See Jesus For The Shadows – Hymn Lyric

Seek Jesus in the shadows of life for strength

We Would See Jesus For The Shadows – Hymn Lyric

In this journey of life, we often find ourselves lost in the shadows. But seeing Jesus can strengthen our faith and provide us with hope and guidance. With Jesus as our rock and the light that guides us, we can face any challenge and find joy in His presence.


We Would See Jesus For The Shadows – Hymn Lyric

We would see Jesus, for the shadows lengthen
Across this little landscape of our life;
We would see Jesus, our weak faith to strengthen
For the last weariness, the final strife.

We would see Jesus, the great rock foundation
Whereon our feet were set with sov’reign grace;
Nor life nor death, with all their agitation,
Can thence remove us, if we see His face.

We would see Jesus; other lights are paling,
Which for long years we have rejoiced to see;
The blessings of our pilgrimage are failing;
We would not mourn them, for we go to Thee.

We would see Jesus: this is all we’re needing;
Strength, joy, and willingness come with the sight;
We would see Jesus, dying, risen, pleading;
Then welcome day, and farewell mortal night.


Meaning of We Would See Jesus For The Shadows

Lengthen and the Blessings are Failing

As we journey through this little landscape of our life, we can sometimes find ourselves lost in the shadows. The uncertainties and challenges that come our way can cast a gloom over our hearts, causing our faith to weaken. But in those moments, when the shadows lengthen, there is one thing that can bring us strength and hope – seeing Jesus.

Yes, if only we could see Jesus, our weak faith would be strengthened. He is the rock foundation on which our lives stand, and with His sovereign grace, we are firmly rooted. No matter what storms of life come our way, neither life nor death can shake us if we keep our eyes on Him. Like a sturdy lighthouse guiding ships through tumultuous seas, Jesus’ presence assures us that we are safe and secure.

In this journey, we have often found joy and comfort in the blessings that have surrounded us. But as time goes by, we see these blessings fading like morning mist. The things we once rejoiced in are slipping away, and it’s natural to feel sadness and nostalgia for what we are losing. However, instead of mourning the passing of these blessings, we can find solace in the fact that we are going to Jesus.

We would see Jesus – this is all we truly need. As we fix our gaze upon Him, we find strength, joy, and a willingness to face whatever lies ahead. In His presence, our weary souls find rest. It is a sight that brings healing to our brokenness, peace to our anxious hearts, and a renewed sense of purpose. For in seeing Jesus, we see the embodiment of love, grace, and mercy. We see a Savior who gave His own life to save us, who conquered death and rose again, and who now intercedes for us, pleading on our behalf.

There is a day coming when we will bid farewell to the shadows of this mortal night. A day when we will see Jesus face to face, and every tear will be wiped away. On that glorious day, all the pain and sorrow we have experienced will fade into oblivion, replaced by an everlasting joy that knows no bounds. It will be a day of limitless possibilities, where the light of Jesus’ presence will dispel every darkness.

So, let us hold on to the hope of seeing Jesus. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Him, even when the shadows seem overwhelming. In the grand tapestry of life, He is the thread that weaves everything together. In His presence, we find true meaning and purpose. In His love, we find the strength to persevere.

As seventh-grade students, the concept of seeing Jesus may feel abstract or distant. But think about it this way – seeing Jesus means experiencing His love, His guidance, and His comfort in our lives. It means surrendering ourselves to His will and allowing Him to lead us. It means living each day with an awareness of His presence, knowing that He is walking alongside us, holding our hand through every trial and celebrating every victory.

In conclusion, let us remember the words of this beautiful hymn – “We would see Jesus.” It is a simple yet profound desire that speaks to the core of our being. May this desire drive us to seek Him daily, to open our hearts to His transforming love, and to let His light shine through us. For in seeing Jesus, we find everything we truly need – strength, joy, and an unwavering faith that can conquer any shadow that may lengthen across our paths.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Seek Jesus in the shadows of life for strength, joy, and unwavering faith. Discover the blessings of His presence and find solace in His love and grace. Embrace a life filled with purpose and hope.


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