When A Shadow Falleth – Hymn Lyric

Discover the comforting and hopeful words of Jesus in the hymn "When A Shadow Falleth". Find rest

When A Shadow Falleth – Hymn Lyric



When A Shadow Falleth – Hymn Lyric

When a shadow falleth
At the close of day
On the weary spirit,
Dark’ning all the way;

Like a golden sunbeam
Lighting up the west
Are the words of Jesus,
“Come to me and rest.”

Blessed words he speaketh
To the heart opprest;
O hear him!
“Come, ye heavy laden,
Come to me, and I will give you rest.”

Blessed words of Jesus,
Banishing our fears,
Shining like a rainbow
On our falling tears.

Full of joy and comfort
Full of peace so blest,
Are the words he speaketh,
“Come to me and rest. [Chorus]

“Come,” in love he pleadeth,
“Come to me today,”
Waiting not a moment
Gladly we obey.

Satisfied while leaning
On his gentle breast;
Praising him for saying,
“Come to me and rest.” [Chorus]    

Meaning of When A Shadow Falleth

“When A Shadow Falleth” is a beautiful hymn that places emphasis on the comforting and hopeful words of Jesus, “Come to me and rest.” These simple yet powerful words are like a call to all those who are burdened, weary, or fearful, assuring them of inner peace, comfort, joy, and rest in the embrace of Jesus. So let us delve deeper into understanding and appreciating the rich significance behind these words, their impact on our lives, and especially how they can enlighten us when a shadow falleth on our weary spirits.

The first verse of the hymn begins by painting a picture of uncertainty – the kind that descends at the end of the day when a shadow falleth, casting everything in darkness. Many a time, our lives echo this imagery; we may be down with the weight of problems, or the path ahead may be unclear, making our spirit weary and anxious. It’s hard to lift up your heart or to look on the bright side when it feels like you’re stuck in a shadow.

However, the hymn quickly shifts onto a hopeful note, comparing the words of Jesus – “Come to me and rest.” – to a golden sunbeam that lights up the darkness. A sunbeam holds a promise of warmth, hope, and comfort, very much like the impact of Jesus’ words. They offer safety, solace, and rest to our wearied spirits, welcoming us and offering us refuge.

The chorus of this hymn emphasizes the blessedness of these words spoken by Jesus. They’ve often acted as a consolation to the oppressed heart – a lifeline that pulls us out when we’re sinking, loaded with troubles. By saying “Come to me, ye heavy laden, and I will give you rest”, Jesus is offering everyone a safe space, a shoulder to lean on. This generous and heartfelt call shreds away our fears, appearing to us like a colorful rainbow in the gloom of our sadness.

What’s truly beautiful about these words is that they’re not only full of comfort but also reverberate with joy and peace – the ultimate recipe for relaxation. What’s more, they transform sorrowful tears into tears of joy, making us recognize and appreciate the silver linings in our lives and encouraging us to keep going on despite all odds.

The hymn further emphasizes the urgency and importance of Jesus’ call, urging us to not delay in accepting this wonderful invitation and to respond immediately. It reassures us that Jesus is always patiently waiting for us to find refuge in His embrace and peace in His words. We should not wait for the shadow to intensify but should rather seek solace in his comforting words as soon as we feel burdened. This immediate obedience results in a satisfaction of the spirit, as we are ‘leaning on His gentle breast’, derived from our connection and dependence on Jesus.

By the end of the hymn, our hearts are already reveling in praises for Jesus and gratitude for His merciful invitation. Amidst the daily grind and the various challenges it holds – whether it’s handling schoolwork or dealing with a challenging situation in your personal life – remember that you’re not alone. There’s always a Gentle Savior with loving arms wide open, uttering the words “Come to me and rest”.

Whenever a shadow falleth in your life, when doubts gnaw at you, when you feel troubled and heavily laden, remember these words like a mantra and seek comfort in their blessed warmth. Converse with Jesus and you will find the reassurance you need. For in the quiet whispers of Jesus’s words, you will find an endearing peace, a reserve of joy, strength to vanquish your fears, and above all, rest for your weary soul. This is the essence and beauty carried by the hymn ‘When a Shadow Falleth’.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the comforting and hopeful words of Jesus in the hymn When A Shadow Falleth. Find rest, peace, and joy amidst the shadows of life.


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