Will You Go To Jesus Now Dear Friend – Hymn Lyric

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Will You Go To Jesus Now Dear Friend – Hymn Lyric

Engaging “Will You Go To Jesus Now Dear Friend: A Call to Embrace God’s Love and Salvation” is a hymn that invites us to embark on a spiritual journey towards Jesus Christ, our Savior. It emphasizes the importance of responding to God’s calling, seeking His boundless love, and embracing His mercy. This hymn reminds us that regardless of our backgrounds or circumstances, the promise of salvation is available to all who seek Him.


Will You Go To Jesus Now Dear Friend – Hymn Lyric

Verse 1:
Will you go to Jesus now, dear friend?
He is calling you today:
Will you seek the bright and better land,
By the true and living way?

I will, I will! by the grace of God, I will;
I will go to Jesus now;
I will heed the Gospel call,
For the promise is for all;
I will go to Jesus now.

Verse 2:
Would you know the Savior’s boundless love,
And His mercy rich and free?
Will you seek the saving, cleansing blood,
That was shed for you and me?

Verse 3:
Will you consecrate your life to Him,
To be ever His alone?
And your loving service freely yield,
To the King upon His throne.

Verse 4:
Will you follow where the Master leads,
Choosing only His renown,
Will you daily bear the cross for Him,
Till He bids you wear the crown?

Meaning of Will You Go To Jesus Now Dear Friend

Have you ever felt like you were being called to something greater? Something that goes beyond ordinary life and fills you with a sense of purpose and love? That’s what the beautiful hymn, “Will You Go To Jesus Now, Dear Friend,” is all about. It’s an invitation, a gentle nudge toward a spiritual journey with Jesus at your side. Whether through song, prayer, or reflection, these words resonate with the yearning for a connection that transcends the everyday.

The hymn begins with a simple question, “Will you go to Jesus now, dear friend?” It’s an invitation that echoes through the ages, reaching out to everyone who hears it. The calling isn’t just a one-time thing; it’s an ongoing offer to walk alongside Jesus, to embrace a brighter, more hopeful path in life. It’s about finding a “true and living way,” which means discovering a way of life that is honest, vibrant, and full of purpose.

In the refrain, we hear the bold response, “I will, I will! by the grace of God, I will.” This declaration is a commitment, a statement of faith and determination. It’s as if by singing or saying these words, we’re making a promise not just to ourselves or to others, but to God. It’s about stepping forward and saying yes to the journey ahead, knowing that we’re not traveling alone.

The second verse encourages us to explore the idea of boundless love and mercy – concepts that everyone, young or old, can appreciate. The hymn gently suggests that the love of the Savior, Jesus, is unlimited and available freely to all, like a treasure that never diminishes no matter how much we take. It speaks of a “saving, cleansing blood,” symbolizing the sacrifice made by Jesus and the redemption it offers to each one of us.

As the refrain repeats after each verse, it’s a reminder of the promise we’ve made. Each time it’s sung, it strengthens the resolve to go to Jesus, to be open to His teachings, and to be part of the community that shares His love.

Moving to the third verse, we consider the idea of dedicating our lives to something bigger than ourselves. “Will you consecrate your life to Him, to be ever His alone?” This idea of consecration means to set ourselves apart for a special, sacred purpose. It’s about giving our time, talents, and hearts in service, to shine a light for others to see and to contribute to the greater good. It’s an offer to live with intention, to choose a path guided by love and compassion.

Service is a theme that resonates deeply in this hymn. The concept of serving “the King upon His throne” is a metaphor for doing good in the world, a way of honoring the divine by helping others. This sense of duty paired with love is powerful and can transform not only the individual lives but also the community and the world.

As we approach the fourth verse, the hymn asks us to consider what it means to truly follow Jesus. It’s more than just walking in His footsteps; it’s about making choices that reflect His teachings and His love. “Choosing only His renown” means seeking what glorifies Jesus, not ourselves. It’s about being humble and selfless, focusing on how our actions can lift others up rather than how we might personally benefit.

The idea of bearing the cross is a call to embrace challenges and sacrifices in the name of faith and service. It speaks to the everyday struggles and the big, life-changing moments, asking us to carry them with grace and perseverance. But it’s not a burden carried in vain; it’s a journey toward a reward – “the crown” that symbolizes eternal life and joy.

Throughout this hymn, the message is clear: moving toward Jesus is a path filled with promise, love, and service. It’s a journey that anyone can take, at any point in their lives. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from; the invitation is open to all. The words speak to the heart, offering comfort and encouragement, and a reminder that we are never alone in our walk through life.

By embracing the message of “Will You Go To Jesus Now, Dear Friend,” we choose a path of love, hope, and service. It encourages us to respond to the calling of our hearts, to live a life that’s rich with meaning and purpose. So, let us reflect on these words, let them guide us, and let us walk the path that leads to a brighter, more loving world.


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