Ye Mourning Sinners Here Disclose – Hymn Lyric

Find comfort and healing in Jesus

Ye Mourning Sinners Here Disclose – Hymn Lyric



Ye Mourning Sinners Here Disclose – Hymn Lyric

I. Ye mourning sinners, here disclose
Your deep complaints, your various woes;
Approach, ’tis Jesus, he can heal
The pains which mourning sinners feel.

II. To eyes long clos’d in mental night,
Strangers to all the joys of light,
His word imparts a blissful ray:
Sweet morning of celestial day!

III. Ye helpless lame, lift up your eyes,
The Lord, the Saviour bids you rise;
New life and strength his voice conveys,
And plaintive groans are chang’d for praise.

IV. Nor shall the leper, hopeless lie
Beneath the Great Physician’s eye;
Sin’s deepest pow’r his word controuls,
That fatal leprosy of souls.

V. That hand divine, which can asswage
The burning fever’s restless rage;
That hand, omnipotent and kind,
Can cool the fever of the mind.

VI. When freezing palsy chills the veins,
And pale, cold death, already reigns,
He speaks; the vital pow’rs revive:
He speaks, and dying sinners live.

VII. Dear Lord, we wait thy healing hand;
Diseases fly at thy command:
O let thy sov’reign touch impart
Life, strength, and health to ev’ry heart!

VIII. Then shall the sick, the blind, the lame,
Adore their Great Physician’s name;
Then dying souls shall bless their God,
And spread thy wond’rous praise abroad.


Meaning of Ye Mourning Sinners Here Disclose

Ye Mourning Sinners Here Disclose: Finding Comfort and Healing in the Great Physician


In the midst of our deepest struggles and overwhelming burdens, there is a source of solace and healing waiting for us. The hymn “Ye Mourning Sinners Here Disclose” beautifully captures the essence of our pain, while offering a glimmer of hope through the transformative power of Jesus Christ. In this expanded discussion, we will explore the profound message of this hymn, its relevance to our lives today, and the assurance it brings to those who seek comfort and healing.

Verse I: Acknowledging and Sharing Our Woes

As human beings, we are not exempt from experiencing pain, sorrow, and despair. This hymn invites us, as mourning sinners, to open up and disclose our deep complaints and various woes. It acknowledges that our lives are sometimes filled with hardships and challenges that weigh heavily on our hearts. The understanding and compassion espoused by Jesus provide solace and assurance that He can heal and alleviate the pains that we, as mourning sinners, feel.

Verse II: A Blissful Ray of Light

For those who have been lost in the darkness of despair, this hymn reminds us that Jesus offers a ray of hope. It speaks to those who have long been closed off to the joys of life and spiritual awakening. By simply embracing His word, we can experience the sweet morning of celestial day, a new beginning filled with divine light and blessings.

Verse III: Rising Above Helplessness

To the helpless lame, this hymn delivers a message of empowerment. It assures them that the Lord, our Savior, is calling them to rise and believe in His power to grant new life and strength. With His voice, plaintive groans can be transformed into songs of praise. It is in Jesus’ presence that despair turns into hope, weakness turns into strength, and disability turns into ability.

Verse IV: Overcoming the Leprosy of the Soul

Just as the Great Physician did not turn a blind eye to the lepers of His time, He continues to show unfailing compassion to those burdened by sin, the deepest affliction of the soul. This hymn reminds us that Jesus’ word has the power to control sin’s grip, ridding us of its leprosy-like effects. His divine touch can restore our spiritual well-being, leaving us renewed and ready to live a life of faith and righteousness.

Verse V: Healing the Fevered Mind

Beyond physical ailments, Jesus extends His healing hand to soothe the fevered mind. In the presence of overwhelming thoughts, anxieties, and restlessness, His touch can bring calm and serenity. The hymn reinforces the belief that His hand, both omnipotent and kind, has the ability to cool the fever of the mind, offering clarity and peace.

Verse VI: Reviving the Dying

In times of great physical illness and imminent death, Jesus’ words carry the power of life. When freezing palsy numbs our veins, and we feel the grip of death upon us, His voice can revive our vital powers. Through His word, dying sinners find new life and hope beyond this earthly existence. This verse assures us that Jesus is not only the Great Physician of the body but also the Savior of the soul, capable of breathing life into the darkest moments.

Verse VII: Waiting for His Healing Touch

With hearts full of anticipation, we wait for the healing hand of the Lord. The hymn recognizes that diseases and afflictions flee at His command. In our moments of weakness and vulnerability, we long for His sovereign touch to bring life, strength, and health to every part of our being. We trust in His ability to mend our brokenness and restore us to wholeness.

Verse VIII: Adoration and Praise

As we experience the healing touch of the Great Physician, our gratitude knows no bounds. This hymn reminds us that the sick, the blind, and the lame will adore His name. Dying souls find solace and bless their God, while spreading the wondrous praise of His healing power. The hymn encourages us to share our personal stories of transformation, ensuring that His name is known and celebrated far and wide.


“Ye Mourning Sinners Here Disclose” is a hymn that resonates with anyone who has experienced pain, despair, and longing for healing. Its timeless message of finding comfort and solace in Jesus, the Great Physician, continues to inspire and provide hope to countless individuals. May we embrace the powerful and transformative message of this hymn, allowing it to guide us towards a deeper relationship with Christ, as we seek His healing touch in our lives.


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