Jehovah Speaks Let Israel Hear – Hymn Lyric

Discover the powerful message of "Jehovah Speaks! Let Israel Hear." Rejoice in God's sovereignty and find hope in His light and love. Let us all listen and submit to Jehovah's authority.

Jehovah Speaks Let Israel Hear – Hymn Lyric



Jehovah Speaks Let Israel Hear – Hymn Lyric

Jehovah speaks! let Isr’el hear;
Let all the earth rejoice and fear,
While God’s eternal Son proclaims
His sovereign honors and his names.

I am the last, and I the first,
The Savior God, and God the just;
There’s none beside pretends to show
Such justice and salvation too.

Ye that in shades of darkness dwell,
Just on the verge of death and hell,
Look up to me from distant lands;
Light, life, and heav’n are in my hands.

I by my holy name have sworn,
Nor shall the word in vain return;
To me shall all things bend the knee,
And every tongue shall swear to me.

In me alone shall men confess
Lies all their strength and righteousness;
But such as dare despise my name,
I’ll clothe them with eternal shame.

In me, the Lord, shall all the seed
Of Isr’el from their sins be freed;
And by their shining graces prove
Their int’rest in my pard’ning love.


Meaning of Jehovah Speaks Let Israel Hear

In the beautiful hymn titled “Jehovah Speaks! Let Israel Hear,” we are reminded of the powerful voice of God and His amazing attributes. The hymn encourages everyone, not just the people of Israel, to listen and rejoice in the words of Jehovah.

The hymn begins by declaring that Jehovah speaks, emphasizing the importance of His message. It calls upon Israel, and indeed all of humanity, to pay attention and listen attentively. The fact that all the earth is invited to rejoice and fear in the presence of God exemplifies His universal sovereignty and authority.

One of the first things we learn about Jehovah from the hymn is that He is the last and the first. This means that He has always existed and will always exist. He is eternal and has no beginning or end. This concept can be difficult to grasp, but it shows the immense power and majesty of God.

The hymn further describes Jehovah as the Savior God and the God of justice. Not only does He offer salvation to His people, but He also upholds justice. There is no one else who can demonstrate both justice and salvation in such an extraordinary manner. This emphasizes God’s unique character and His ability to bring balance to the world.

For those who are dwelling in darkness, just on the verge of death and hell, the hymn offers hope. It encourages them to look up to Jehovah, the source of light, life, and heaven. His hands hold the power to transform their lives and bring them out of darkness into the light. This message is comforting and reassuring, especially for those who feel lost and abandoned.

Jehovah takes an oath by His holy name, promising that His word will not return in vain. This means that whatever He says, He will surely accomplish. His word is trustworthy and reliable. This gives us confidence in His promises and reminds us of His faithfulness towards His people.

According to the hymn, one day every knee will bow before Jehovah, and every tongue will swear to Him. This depicts the ultimate submission and acknowledgement of His authority. The mental image of every person confessing their loyalty to Jehovah is both awe-inspiring and humbling.

The hymn emphasizes that all our strength and righteousness come from Jehovah alone. He is the source of our power and the reason for our righteousness. It reminds us that boasting in ourselves or our own abilities is futile. Instead, we should humble ourselves and give credit where credit is due – to God.

However, the hymn also warns that those who dare to despise His name will face eternal shame. This is a reminder that God is just and cannot tolerate arrogance or disrespect. It serves as a cautionary message to those who neglect His commands and disregard His authority.

The hymn concludes by stating that through Jehovah, the Lord, the seed of Israel will be freed from their sins. It is through the shining graces of God that they will experience His pardoning love. This is a powerful reminder that God’s forgiveness and redemption are available to all who seek it, regardless of their past mistakes or transgressions.

In conclusion, the hymn “Jehovah Speaks! Let Israel Hear” celebrates the attributes and power of God. It encourages all to listen, rejoice, and fear in His presence. The hymn reminds us of God’s eternal existence, His ability to bring forth justice and salvation, and His status as the ultimate source of strength and righteousness. It offers hope to those in darkness, emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and submitting to Jehovah’s authority, and highlights His ability to grant forgiveness and freedom from sin. Let us all heed the words of this hymn and recognize the greatness of God.


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Freely Shareable Hymn Inspired Image Discover the powerful message of Jehovah Speaks! Let Israel Hear. Rejoice in God's sovereignty and find hope in His light and love. Let us all listen and submit to Jehovah's authority.


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